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I am considering doing a new weekly e-zine with a new theme. If this happens, it will begin in July 2015.


Do you want FUN ideas for cooking?  Recipes that use the ingredients normally found in YOUR kitchen?

Are you tired of recipes that cost
more to make than you want to spend?

Do you want recipes your family will ask for again and again?

If you do, you have come to the right place!

The recipes in our e-zine archives are fun, creative, and can help you                 get the applause you deserve in the kitchen!

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Real Food for Real People free ezine and website can give you:

  • GREAT Conversion Charts, Spice Charts, and Ingredient Information
  • How to make your own homemade mixes
  • ORIGINAL Recipes for baking cakes or cupcakes in canning jars
  • Recipes for making your own pet treats
  • Great gift ideas from your own kitchen
  • Recipes using common ingredients found in most kitchens- no searching for expensive or odd ingredients your family is not accustomed to
  • ORIGINAL Recipes for making your own bread maker mixes
  • Directions for using regular bread recipes in a bread maker
  • Directions for using bread maker recipes in your oven
  • Tried and True recipes shared with readers since 1998
  • A forum for requesting and/or sharing recipes with other readers
  • An archive with newsletter issues going back many years
  • Free sample recipes from more than 20 original recipe collections written by Kaylin White
  • Heirloom recipes you may have lost many years ago- also enjoyed by other readers
  • Holiday recipes that are not only tried & true, but are unique
  • Information links for couponing or extreme couponing & free sample and coupon links

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